Tax Saving Advice - Working From Home

Have you been working from home for your employer due to COVID-19 (or even prior to that?)

If your expenses such as broadband, phone and electricity have not been covered by your employer, you may be entitled to tax relief from HMRC. 

The best part is that it’s EASY to apply and no evidence of these additional expenses is required to be kept.

Use the Check If You Can Claim tool and see if you can claim.

Please note the following:

    • You must be an employee of a UK company to claim;

    • If you file for Self-Assessment, you will need to claim on your next Self-Assessment return;

    • The expenses claimable since April 2020 are £6 per week, which at the basic tax rate (20%) will save you £62.40 in the year;

    • The tax relief will reduce how much tax you pay in the forthcoming months. Your employer will be sent an amended tax code, which will also be reflected in your payslip;

    • We cannot apply for the claim on your behalf, but will be happy to assist with any queries from existing accountancy clients.

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