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... anyone can set up a UK Limited company if they have a debit card and an internet connection.

Find out what department you need to deal with and, ideally, which named person will handle your application.

Look up our competitor's physical address on Google maps ... You should try to match your client's expectations.

The retort arises in the underlings throat: "Money can't buy you class!" To which the wise man replies: "True, but it will for your children."

One of the great trials of office working in the 20th century to the present day is how long it takes you get from your home to your place of work.

It has been 9 series and 10 dragons since the Dragons' Den first broadcast. We know them and we have our favourites, but do we really know where their confidence comes from?

In the late 1980s office rental costs in major financial centres exploded. Hot desking became common where staff shared desk space or terminals. In the finance industry these would be occupied 24/7 by different traders following the global markets.

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a legal corporation in the form of a partnership, in which the partners have limited liabilities. One partner is not liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence.

The address will be part of the Public Registry of the Companies House. This is something to keep in mind if using a personal residence as a registered address.

As a sole trader, if you attract a legal action, you are the one with the target on your back. The shysters will be coming after you. And that means your assets.

Target words that potential buyers use, not students or your dumb competitors (checking their rankings). Use long keywords.

A company formation agent is a company or individual who will compile the paperwork necessary to register your company at Companies House in the UK, send the paperwork to them and ensure that the company is registered properly.