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Companies House is the registrar of companies in the UK. It is where a company's name, address, directors and shareholders are listed.

Everyone ... eventually realises they have to 'go pro' and get a company going if they want to improve and grow their business.

We have set up of an online formation process which takes the strain.

Get a private, confidential service at an affordable price.

We have been in business since 2009 and have helped thousands of businesses take their first steps.

We've now got three London addresses.

We have a new office on Barking Road E13, East London.

Deadlines can creep up like a jaguar in the jungle; quiet and deadly.

Take chances, put on a good show, but, watch the bottom line.

If you can't convey the idea quickly, have another think about it.

... articles which help you get a small business going in the UK ...

There are often free versions available of the things we need.