Written by our staff

Here's a little tip that not many English people are aware of, never mind foreigners.

On 6 April 2016 the law changed requiring all UK companies to keep a PSC register.

Search engines are a means for people to find your website.

You can get access to your company's listing, if you have the authentication code.

A company that does not get a firm grip of income and expenditure can face serious difficulties at financial year-end.

HERE is a list of that which a Company Secretary does.

Small businessmen often get confused. They think they need to do X, when in fact it's a lot simpler, and they can just do Y, instead.

As time goes by, the area will go more upmarket and so will local businesses.

Are you profiting from all your work or just wasting time and energy?

Silvertown E16: a new virtual office mailing address.

It can advertise your company very quickly and decisively.

There are regular words which you can't use in a company name.