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An in-depth, detailed guide about setting up a UK limited company.

Startups traditionally have this problem: what to use as their mailing address?

The Director's Service Address serves as your official, public correspondence address.

A company is a legal person, a corporation. For other entities to interact with it officially, it has to be somewhere.

Here is a simple list of the steps involved in getting a typical British business bank account.

The basic rule is that you get your own merchant account if you're making more than £1k p.m.

Clever ways to use our Business Address Service.

Virtual offices predate the EU.

A certificate of incorporation is not like a birth certificate or a passport; it's not unique and precious.

We have upgraded our 'Scan & Email' service to 'Scan Uploaded'.

Successful startups need accountancy help.

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification.