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Web Hosting - 1 year FREE

Get web space for £0! Every business needs a website these days. Customers expect to be able to look you up online. They use the internet the same way our parents used the phone directory. Startups also want to save money; you may not be sure how sophisticated you want your online presence to be.

Get 1 year free webhosting for your new business website. You will also get a choice of a free or a .com domain name. Start with a placeholder website and then improve it as you go along.

Guarantee: There's no obligation. You can stay at the end of the year, or not!


Get pro help with your bookkeeping. A good accountant can save you money and give you tips on how to make more.

All limited companies and sole traders have to submit yearly accounts. You get fines if you don’t. Some people can do accounts themselves. Most people can’t. It’s too much work or you make mistakes. You need a qualified person to keep track of your income and outgoings.

This includes HMRC submission of self-employed earnings + free accountancy advice by a qualified accountant.

Business Bank Account - FREE

You need a bank account to accept payments from your customers. If you’re trading in GBP it’s best to get a UK bank account, although foreign banks can offer sterling accounts, albeit with transfer fees. Anyone can set up a limited company or a sole trader but not everyone qualifies for a business bank account.

Through our special arrangement with Barclays, you can now apply for a business bank account with up to £100 cash back. Simply fill out our form and within 2 to 5 working days a member of staff from Barclays will contact you to arrange an appointment at your local branch.

Desk Space Rental

Hot Desking Club lets entrepreneurs rent a desk in a shared office space in London UK and network with other hot deskers.

Members can hot desk in the City Of London for as little as £99 a month. Just come in, choose a desk and start your productive day.