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How do you keep track of income and expenditure?

Even if you're not smart, you'll remember what works and what doesn't, and that may be enough.

Pile up the positives in your presentation and eliminate the negatives.

There are a lot of books out of there and not all of them are girly novels. Some have the wisdom of the ages.

As a director, you are now a public person. There's no way 'round it.

A man sitting on a pile of cash who doesn't own his own home is a bit of an idiot.

An offshore bank account is just a bank account in another country.

It's actually quite simple, if it doesn't owe anybody.

You start getting letters from Companies House and worse, HMRC. Her Majesty's Shylocks are seeking their pound of flesh!

Crooks can go far in life. Sometimes, all the way to the White House.

Buying property, a loan or a car could be the purchase that will break you, if it comes before a bad patch.

Here's how to get an ecommerce website online without spending a fortune.