How To Change Your Forwarding Address

When you move house, you need to tell us where you've moved to, so we can update our system and send your letters there.

- Recently bought or renewed your account? Go here to and type the new address so our staff can begin the changeover.

- Been with us a while? Go here to change the address.

Local legislation and local authorities here in London require that we "know our customer". They inspect our records. It also helps us filter out undesirable businesses. This means that our addresses are associated with quality businesses, and thus, yours is elevated by association too.

The personal name and the forwarding address on the account must match the ID documents uploaded and they must be readily legible and understandable by our staff.

What will be acceptable: a scan or photo of a tangible utility bill, bank statement, government letter, tenancy agreement or similar document from the new forwarding address on the account.

Our staff will review the documents uploaded and the manually change the forwarding address on the account.

- Need a mail forwarding address?

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