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Oct 07, 2020

Registered Address Ltd has a unique account credit system.

Clients can earn credits which can be used to renew their account/s, or cashed-out if the account credit goes over £100. 

Whenever a credit is earned or applied to an account it is displayed on the Credits sections of the customer dashboard. 

Log in to your account to see the new system or read on to learn the various types of account credits we apply.

Loyalty Credits

The company may grant loyalty credits to long-standing clients.

Welcome Gift Credits

New clients may receive a special bonus when they sign up with us, depending on the value of their initial purchase.

Special Bonus Credits

This is a discretionary credit which the company may grant to a client if the client is deemed to especially merit it e.g. if the client refers an unusual number of clients to

Refund Credits

This is a discretionary credit which the company may grant if the client buys the wrong service for their stated purpose, or if the company was not able to supply the service bought, at that time, for operational or other legitimate reasons.

Customer Referral Credits

When the client shares their affiliate code with a friend/family/colleague, and a new account is created by that person, that person gets an upfront 10% discount. The client in turn also gets 10% in commission earnings. These earnings will accrue as Account Credit.

Contact us by logging in to your account and raising a ticket if you would like more information or have a question about our account credit system.

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